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This will probably annoy ideological purists but a couple of stepsObama has taken on some relatively minor issues are correct, in my view. The first was rescinding the nutty Bush policy of refusing to fund birth control around the world. In poor countries population growth is a serious problem insofar as there is no economy to sustain it. This can only lead to continued poverty and a future in which our own children are overwhelmed. Unfortunately birth control is so effective in the developed world that it is leading to population declines. Birth control is essential for poor countries to make progress. The second smart step is for the federal government to stop harassing medical marijuana in California. This never made any sense and is a waste of resources. Finally, lifting the Bush ban on stem cell research funding seems sensible to me. It is a stretch to equate an embryo, which is a potential life, to an actual human being. Furthermore the disposition of embryos properly remains with the parents, not the government. Anything else is an unwarranted interference in family life.

Written by georgesarant

March 17, 2009 at 12:54 PM

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